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Our specialized wing is the Genealogical Department:
The oldest established in Lithuania. After restoration of Lithuania’s independence while establishing Foresta in 1991 we incorporated the major staff of lawyers and genealogists of former Representative office of Iniurcolleguia that has been operating in Lithuania since 1962. (Iniurcolleguia – specialized association of lawyers practicing in the field of heir location and international private law – see Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, West Publishing Co., St. Paul, MN, 1990, p. 748).

Highly qualified staff. The lawyers are admitted to the Lithuanian Bar. The genealogists have a background of studies of history with most prestigious establishment of higher education in Lithuania – Vilnius University.
We have established a solid reputation within Lithuania’s legal society as well as with government institutions, archives, state registers, etc. The lawyers are members of the International Bar Association and adhere to high ethical standards both accepted internationally and adopted by the local Bar.
We are being approached for heir location and proof of entitlement services or just professional advice on foreign inheritance law by:

  • Heirs and beneficiaries;
  • Executors, personal representatives;
  • Foreign lawyers and genealogists;
  • Consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania;
  • House of Notaries of Lithuania;
  • Public notaries;
  • Tax authorities;
  • Courts.

Comprehensive research. Our researchers travel throughout Lithuania and other neighboring countries. We also have our agents in Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia and Estonia whose ethical standards and professionalism we can rely upon.
We prepare the following documents to be submitted to courts of foreign jurisdictions to establish the client’s right to inherit: family charts, translated and duly legalized vital statistics documents, affidavits, declarations, other items as needed. Our lawyers and genealogists can also testify before Court to establish heirship.

Professional relationship with clients. Mostly we work on the basis of contingency fee at no cost to an estate. We also work otherwise as agreed to.
About 150 heirs each year in Lithuania and other countries we do our research in would not have received their rightful inheritances where it not for the successful search of our firm’s Genealogical Department.
We are open to create and we always cherished our professional relationship on mutually beneficial basis with other firms and individuals in the purpose of identifying and locating missing or unknown heirs in this part of the World.
We also serve local potential heirs who are looking for assets of their relatives deceased abroad.

You can express your willingness to work with us:

  • by writing a letter or e-mail to
  • by calling +370 2 224 564

Managing Partner Ms. Virginija Smilgeviciene supervises Foresta Genealogical Department. We will be glad to serve you permanently or on case to case basis.

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