Edwyn Collins -- I'm Not Following You
The pop monster Edywn Collins' new Album I'm Not Following You will be released in September. It will be available on CD, LP and music cassette...enjoy!

[SETCD039] Tracklisting:
It's A Steal
2.The Magic Piper
3.Seventies Night
4.No One Waved Goodbye
6.Keep On Burning
7.Running Away With Myself
8.Country Rock
9.For The Rest Of My Life
10.Superficial Cat
11.Adidas World
12.I'm Not Following You

"The key for me is tenacity. Sonically, 'A Girl Like You' and a few other tracks on Gorgeous George have encouraged me to experiment and possibly be more radical with sound. That's where I want to go in the future..." Edwyn Collins, The Face

On the mixing desk (a vintage affair from 1969 that was used for the soundtrack to Brazil) in his studio (former owner: the Alan's Parson's Project) in London's West Hampstead (whence he moved after a worldwide hit single finally gave him some dosh) stands a little slice of time. It is a Ronco cake-mix piper from the Seventies.

Nearby sit records like 'I Want More' by Can, a Natural Four LP and The Fatback Band's Do The Bustop', some hip hop albums belonging to the studios boy-wonder engineer, and a tape from Mark E.Smith

Up the back is Amek Rupert Neve Stereo Mic Amp, the first in the country

Over in a corner are some ideas for some new studio technology, inspired by Pete Townsend's specially commisioned Pepy Rush photo electric compressor in 1965 and the guitar boffinry of Tom Sholtz of early Eighties OTT AOR-types Boston.

By the door sits four quiffed-up prosthetic face-masks and a note to call Take That's choreographer.

This is the world of Edwyn Collins, as seen through the window of his new record.

Taken from Setanta home page