"Into My Arms" is the latest single from Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. It is played with immaculate beauty by Cave on vocals and piano, and Martin Casey on bass. This unembellished song of poignance and profundity, so cunningly deceptive in its simplicity and effortless manner is surely one of Cave's most beautiful songs. "Into My Arms" retains his customary wit and succinct turn of phrase, and does so with extraordinary guile. It is a song that blends the spiritual with the sensual. He uses religious imagery to reflect the glories of personal love to affirm religious belief. The inherent comfort of the chorus - "Into My Arms, O Lord" - ever so naturally embraces both lover and Lord.
Once again Cave proves that he won't be limited in his choices as an artist, never allowing precedent, notoriety or commercial success to inhibit him from the subjects of his choosing. Any expectations that he may have reproduced the violence's of his previous work, Murder Ballads, are instantly dispelled by the grace and humility of this song. "Into My Arms" is song of devotion played with the serenity and reverence of a hymn. It is, in the end, simply, and purely, an ode to love, that most sublime of sentiments.

"Into My Arms" (Mute 192) is released on 10 February 1997.