Vince Clarke
Born in South Woodford, Essex on 3rd July 1960. In 1980 forms the Composition of Sound with fellow Boys Brigade pal Andrew Fletcher to become better known as Depeche Mode. After the release of the first album Speak and Speill, Vince decides to leave and in 1982 forms the group Yazoo with Alison Moyet. After a run of hits including Only You and The Other Side of Love Vince once again decides that he's had enough and departs. In 1984 he creates a project called The Assembly and invites various vocalists to sing along to his bleeps. Only Feargal Sharkey takes up Vinces offer and they record the single Never Never. Vince gives up this notion and decides to form another band. He places an advert for a singer in the UK music paper 'The Melody Maker'. Andy Bell is the 41st person to audition.

Andrew Ivan Bell
Born in Peterborough on 25th April 1964. At the age of 20 he joins the band The Void, leaves a week later to form a synth duo. Only one single is released. During 1985 Andy sees Vinces advert in 'The Melody Maker' and replies (see above).

The First Single
In 1985 Vince and Andy form Erasure and record and release the first single Who Needs Love Like That. It only reaches No. 55 in the UK chart. Later the same year they release their second single Heavenly Action. This does even worse, only reaching the dizzy heights of No. 99. Not to be down cast in 1986 they tour UK clubs and universities and release Oh L'Amour. Although a huge hit in Australia and France, it only reaches No. 85 in the UK. Later in 1986 they release Sometimes which is a huge hit, climbing to No. 2 in the UK charts.