ERASURE 'Cowboy'

Erasure's 10th album was recorded in sunny Spain and London and has been produced by Gareth Jones (who has previously worked with Depeche Mode and Orbital) and Neil McLellan (the Prodigy) and mixed by Mark "Spike" Stent (U2, Spice Girls) and features backing vocalists from the London Community Gospel Choir. Andy was a choirboy once...

The title "Cowboy" was chosen to reflect both Vince's love to Westerns and Western ideology and Andy's mirth at the multiple implications of the word. They already had a few attempts with a cover of the Ennio Morricone's track (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - B side of Chains of Love), their first video (Who Needs Love Like That) where they were both dragged up as saloon girls and stage during the phantasmagorical tour were the set was a desert with cacti, dancers in a western fashion (chaps and bare back or chequered frocks) and Vince in a Mae West costume had all his eqiupment stacked up in a wagon. But don't expect this album to sound like country music nor like religious chants, it's another fab pop record peppered with hits.


1. Rain
2. Worlds On Fire
3. Reach Out
4. In My Arms
5. Don't Say Your Love Is Kiling Me
6. Precious
7. Treasure
8. Boy
9. How I Can Say
10. Say Me Darling
11. Love Affair