Barrel Of A Gun

Depeche Mode release a new single, 'Barrel Of A Gun'on February 3, 1997 on Mute. The single also includes'Painkiller' and several remixes of both tracks, bydisparate dance luminaries Underworld, 3 Phase, OneInch Punch and Plastikman. 'Barrel Of A Gun' is releasedsimultaneously on two CD's and 12-inch vinyl formats.The CD's come in special reverse jewel cases, while the12-inch has a gatefold sleeve.Depeche Mode have now slimmed to a three piece offounder members Dave Gahan, Martin Gore and AndyFletcher following the departure of Alan Wilder after theirlast 'Songs Of Faith And Devotion' LP and tour. The bandhave been working on their new material with producerTim Simenon, and consider 'Barrel Of A Gun' to be aninspiring departure. "I think 'Barrel Of A Gun' challenges what Depeche Modehave done before and that's something that I feel is reallyimportant for us," opines Dave Gahan. Songwriter MartinGore describes the tracks' subject matter as being about:"Not having as much choice to make decisions as you'dlike. I really think we're all born with some sort of geneticlineage which means we can only stray slightly from ourpath. We've all got certain cages that we're in."The video for 'Barrel Of A Gun' was filmed in London andMarrakesh. The song is taken from Depeche Mode'sforthcoming new album, their first for four years, which isdue for release in April 1997.