MICHAEL BROOK - 'Albino Alligator'

The album features music from, and inspired by, the forthcoming film of the same name, which is the directorial debut of Academy awardwinning actor Kevin Spacey. Michael Brook was recently nominated for a 'Wold Music' Grammy award for his collaboration with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan on last year's 'Night Song' album.
'Albino Alligator' was composed by Micael Brook, with the exception of his slow motion treatment of Koehler & Arlen's jazz classic 'III Wind', featuring a duet between R.E.M.'s Micael Stipe and Jimmy Scott, the legendary 71-year-old torch singer. The track was co-produced and arranged by Michael Brook and Flea from Red hot Chili Peppers. All other tracks were produced by Michael Brook.
The album features Micael Brook (infinite guitar, srinivas guitar, keyboards, bass, drum programming, vibraphone), James Pinker (druns, percussion), Anton Schwartz (saxophone), Bob Adams (string bass, organ, piano), Jason Lewis (drums, marimba), Hefez Mozidirah (Nez flute, saxophone), Flea (bass), Michael Stipe (vocals), Jimmy Scott (vocals) and Bill Fichner (harmonica, vocals).
The much anticipated film 'Albino Alligator', Spacey's tale of a hold-up gone wrong starring Matt Dillon and Faye Dunaway, is already garnering rave reviews from American critics. It is expected to open in this country in mid '97.
The tracklisting for 'Albino Alligator' is as follows:

1. Arrival
2. Doggie Dog
3. Slow Town
4. Preparation
5. Miscalculation
6. Aftermath
7. Tunnel

8. Albo Gator
9. The Promise
10. The City
11. The Kicker
12. Exit
13. III Wind (You're Blowing Me No Good)